Our Goals

For children

  • To support a child's development at their own pace.
  • To aide in expressing their creativity using art and play material freely, constructively, and creatively.
  • To foster independence – problem solving on one's own and doing things for oneself.
  • To delight in the preschool experience, which will ease adjustments in elementary school and social situations.
  • To learn to develop close relationships with adults other than their family.
  • To learn the limits of behavior regarding safety, health, and respect for the rights of others in a thoughtful, safe, and nurturing environment.
  • To extend and enrich their understanding of the world and of other cultures.
  • To increase their ability to handle their emotions constructively.

For parents

  • To share your child’s first experience away from home.
  • To become more thoughtfully aware of your child’s world and to understand his or her behavior with the support of our knowledge of growth & development.
  • To achieve a more positive approach to the child-adult relationship through professional guidance and shared experiences with other parents.
  • To learn techniques of working with children and develop deeper insight into human relationships through participation in the parent-education program.
  • To grow in understanding of the needs of the other adults and the needs of the group.

For the school

  • To provide the best preschool experience at the lowest possible cost.
  • To utilize the diverse interests and skills of all the parents.
  • To accept, without discrimination, families who wish to join our community that are willing to participate wholeheartedly in school discussions, presenting thoughts openly, and working toward consensus decisions.
  • To maintain the highest possible standards for the preschool by sharing our ideas to raise the standards of parent-participation preschools.