Photo gallery 

Painting offers the opportunity to build self-expression as well as develop pre-writing skills

Writing curriculum using fine motor journals 

Learning math concepts- sorting and graphing- through play by sorting M&M's 

Exploring seashells 

Dramatic play 

Sensory play is very messy 

Using tools to learn about construction workers


Magic milk experiment 

Life Science

Learning about the human body 


What melts in the sun?

Adopting a love of reading 

Developing fine motor skills using tweezers to save the bears 

Practicing scissor skills 

Working on positional words through play 


Measuring out pets using blocks 

Personal info

Learning our phone number and who to call in an emergency 

Group Time 

Story time, finger plays, singing, dancing, building a classroom community, working on concepts such as letters, shapes, colors, numbers and our monthly themes