Our Educational Philosophy

Joining a cooperative preschool is a fun, family experience! Here at BPN, we provide a warm and inviting learning space not only for our children, but their parents as well. We provide a program that includes many aspects of parent involvement such as assisting in the classrooms, participating in the administrative operations of the school and aiding in the daily maintenance of the school. A hands-on experience in our co-op preschool will help to further understanding of child growth and development, family life, human relations, and the assumption of responsible community leadership.  Parent's ideas are valued and respected as we all work alongside one another, the teachers, the staff and you, providing an encouraging and creative place for our children to learn & grow. 

Ramp play is a fun way to explore the concepts of angles, force, motion and gravity as well as support fine and gross motor development.

Bakersfield Parent Nursery fully believes in learning through play. We present opportunities for your preschooler to engage in experimentation, problem solving and the use of their imagination.  We encourage all children to ask questions, problem solve, and test hypotheses. Our aim is to contribute to the cognitive development of our students as well as to stimulate a curiosity and desire for learning that will continue into adulthood.  We create space for both children and parents to share and learn from individual differences.  BPN warmly welcomes all cultures, races, genders, and religious beliefs as we explore the different lifestyles, family traditions, and individual uniquenesses that make us each special. We strive to teach acceptance and kindness to  all who live in our community and in our world. 

Our goal is to provide a preschool experience that will allow children to grow and learn based on their own needs and interests. 


Can we just acknowledge the fact that bubbles are little magic spheres that make everyone smile


Children love being scientists and providing them with tools like microscopes, magnifying glasses and scales allows them the opportunities to explore in an environment build to foster their inquisitive minds. 

Cotton ball toss painting 

Although we do not get snow in Bakersfield,we get to toss cotton ball snow balls full of colorful paint. The children love throwing the balls as they develop their fine motor development, hand-eye coordination, and also concepts of color-mixing.