Tuition, Fees,

and Fines

Registration Fee - $70

This fee is due annually for each student; it covers insurance, council dues, and enrollment forms. This fee is due when application for entry is made. For families registering for the upcoming school year prior to June 1st, a $10.00 discount is given. For families registering after January 31st for that school term, registration will be prorated. (See Page 11, Item II, Section 3 of the Standing Rules)

Registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE

Tuition Fees- 2021-2022 School Year

One day program - $108/month

Two-day program - $226/month

Three-day program - $270/month

*Students enrolled in 3 day program may add an additional day, at the rate of $93 per extra day, per month.

Second child discount

The full amount is required for the oldest child enrolled and a $15.00 discount off the tuition amount is allowed for each additional child from the same family enrolled two or more days per week.

Late Tuition Fee- $25

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. Late Tuition Fee MUST accompany tuition payments made after the 10th of the month.

Non-Participation Fee

One-day program - $35

Two-day program - $70

Three-day program - $70

The Non-Participation Fee is paid each month when tuition is paid.

One-Time Extra-Day Fee- $20

Currently enrolled BPN students only. Due on day of attendance.

Substitute Fee - $35

Paid by the participating member directly to the substitute, (be they another parent or school aide), on or before missed day.

Missed Participation Day - $35

Must be paid if you fail to appear on your scheduled workday and do not make arrangements for someone to work in your place

Work Day Late Arrival Fee - $5 to $30

Consistent, repeated tardiness on your schedule participation day will result in the following fines.

Late arrival after 8:45am but before 9:00am - $5.00

Late arrival after 9:00am - $10.00

Arrival after 9:30am is considered a missed participation day.

Missed Maintenance Day - $75

Missed Second Parent Meeting - $20 or one extra work day

Each family is allowed one absence from a Parent Meeting but will be charged for all missed meetings thereafter.

Non-Participation in Fundraising Event - $75

Non-Participation in Student Activity Work Shift - Determined by Board

Returned Check Fee - $25

A $25 service fee will be assessed to members account

Babysitting Fee at Monthly Parent Meeting - $2 per child per meeting