Exploring Nature 

All about Ants 

The ants go marching one by one....

We include all learning domains into our themes including movement, art, literacy, math, fine and gross motor and science. The children are exposed to many different themes but their favorites tend to be the ones from nature!

Just like our caterpillars, our children grow, change and develop over the school year. We get to watch these little "caterpillars" grow before our eyes the same way our children get to watch the real caterpillars grow in our classrooms. 

Ladybugs help our garden 

We love to keep our garden beautiful, so we make sure to learn about ladybugs and get the opportunity to release them into our garden to eat those pesky aphids. 

Slithering like a snake 

Our children this year were blessed to have an up-close experience with a family snake. One of the best things about a Cooperative preschool is how involved our families are in children's learning experience. 

We love our Wormery 

Worms are one of the favorites to explore in the classroom. The children typically collect them after a good rain and add them to our class wormery.